June 1

Christ in the Little Things

One of the lessons that Jesus taught us is that even the smallest act done in His Name is significant, so there are really no small acts.  Jesus said that whoever gives a cup of cold water in My Name will by no means lose their reward.  A Christian who understands this is careful to do the little things out of love for Jesus who went about doing good . . . for the Holy Spirit was upon Him.

I was reminded of this at the Moody Pastors Conference this week in Chicago.  I ran across Pastor Joe Lane from Muskegon.  In the final year or so of my ministry in Muskegon we had some combined evening services with some black churches in town.  Pastor Joe’s church was one of those.  It was wonderful to cross cultures and reveal our unity in Christ.

Pastor Joe mentioned that his son had some sort of condition that made him hyper-active and he was concerned how he would behave in our church.  Since he was the guest pastor he was nervous and didn’t want to have a bad impression.  Pastor Joe mentioned – 10-yrs-later-now — that I had gone and sat with his son to make him feel welcomed and at ease.  That little act is the one thing that was brought up all these years later.

I later said to Pastor Hank that I couldn’t remember it at all.  I have no recollection of doing such a thing.  It likely was just a welcoming act on my part that seemed natural at the time because I love kids but was soon forgotten by me.  Now all the years later that little spontaneous act meant so much to a black pastor invited to an all-white-church.  Little did I know his son had a problem, but a tiny gesture that was more second nature than anything relieved Pastor Joe’s anxiousness and made him and his church feel loved.

We are always representing Christ.  There are no small acts.  In fact, sometimes the little things say more than the big things.  That night I was the preacher.  But Pastor Joe didn’t mention my sermon.  He did mention me sitting with his son.  I am sure I thought the sermon was important that night, and it was.  But so was a small act of kindness to a little boy.  It’s all for Jesus isn’t it?

Your friend, following Jesus in the little things, Pastor Brian (:-}).