September 1

The Call to Go

Yesterday at Fall Fest on the NMU campus, Bethelites had the chance to meet students at our table on the opening day of classes along with many other ministries and services who had tables.  We had 498 students stop by to fill in our religious questionnaire!  It is the largest number of participants we’ve ever had.  We only had two unused surveys left.  I don’t know the full tally, but many of those students will have marked yes or maybe that we can follow-up with them and talk about Jesus and heaven.

I am always amazed that every Fall the mission field comes to Marquette.  We now have permission directly from students to contact them and talk about spiritual issues.  Our missionaries the Burkes helped us at the table and they were so impacted with the process we use to gain these open invitations from students.

All this reminds me of Jesus’ words to the disciples in John 4 that we are to look up and see that the fields are white unto harvest but that the laborers are few.  Jesus said that we are to pray that the Father would send more laborers into the harvest fields.  This is one of the reasons that our church mission statement is constructed the way it is.

Bethel …. Becoming Christ-followers who grow, connect, serve, tell.

Christianity is a telling religion.  People have to hear the good news.  Believers have to take that news to them.  Go was a frequent command of Jesus.  We often associate it most with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 where Jesus said Go and make disciples.  But when Jesus sent out the disciples two by two His commission was Go, Matthew 10:6-7.  Later in one of His parables Jesus commanded that we Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find, Matthew 22:9.  Jesus clearly assumed that we would be on the move with the good news of our Savior.

Our Everyday Evangelism (EE) has thrived for over ten years because Bethel has done just that.  To the visitors to Bethel and to the NMU students who have invited us we have gone.  We have seen lives changed as Jesus has blessed our obedience.  Truly the fields are white here in Marquette but the laborers can be few.  It is easy for a church to lose its passion for telling.  That’s why we must be constantly reminded of our mission which is Jesus’ mission of becoming Christ-followers who …. tell.

Please consider joining us in EE this Fall or next Winter semester.  Now is the time.  The mission field is here.  The harvest is white.  The students and visitors to Bethel await us.

Your friend, called to tell, Pastor Brian (:-}).